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Jackson-Reed Crew’s success builds on not just the incredible hard work of our athletes and coaches, but the many hours of volunteer time given by our parents to make sure funds are raised, information is shared, equipment is in shape, paperwork is in order, and countless other tasks.

Just as athletes become a team over time, it takes time for our volunteers to get to know one another. To better facilitate this process, we have created a team structure for our volunteers, too! Parents are asked to identify a team to engage with, based on skills, interest, or time available, and indicate what activities they are most interested in working on. The teams are:

  • Accounting & Membership
  • Boathouse & Equipment
  • Engagement
  • Regattas & Travel
  • Student-led Fundraisers

Please read the descriptions below of the teams and the activities within them, and consider what role is right for you with Jackson-Reed Crew!


These roles are great for schedule-constrained parents who need the flexibility of doing behind-the-scenes work from the comfort of their laptops. Some roles are seasonal.  We particularly need individuals with accounting experience.  Roles include:

  • AR Treasurer 
  • AP Treasurer 
  • Forms Administrator 
  • Registrar 
  • USRowing Membership Coordinator
  • Safety Administrator 
  • Volunteer now!


This team handles work related to our existing equipment and meets new requests from the coaches. Accordingly, work varies by year and as needs arise: past projects included building an erg rack and a boathouse cubby, installing trailer shelving, and mounting solar-powered pumps for launches. Roles include:

  • Swim Test Volunteers
  • Chuckwagon Leads 
  • Erg Repair & Maintenance
  • Launch Repair & Maintenance
  • Friends of Thompson Boat Center Liaison
  • Gas Coordinators
  • Launch Drivers
  • Volunteer now!


This team drives engagement across our community; generates positive publicity with alumni and the business community; and identifies the next generation of parent volunteers.  Volunteers oversee all email communication with athletes and parents and are responsible for our website and social media channels.  Roles include:

  • Recruiters
  • Social Media Coordinators
  • Carboload Hosts
  • Website Administrator
  • Newsletter Publisher
  • Community Service Coordinator
  • Gear & Team Swag Coordinator
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator
  • End of Season Picnic & Awards Coordinator
  • Volunteer now!


This team is critical to the success of our athletes in competition. All parents are technically part of this team because of our requirement that parents “work” at least one local regatta, meaning taking shifts in the Jackson-Reed Crew tent and engaging other parents to build community. In order to get to that point, however, a small group of parent leaders is needed to organize transportation, lodging and meals.  Roles include:

  • Away Regatta Coordinators
  • Boat Parents (Travel Chaperones)
  • Home Regatta Coordinators
  • Home Regatta Leads (2 per event)
  • Florida Training Trip Leads
  • Florida Chaperones
  • Volunteer now!


Fundraisers are a significant portion of the Jackson-Reed Crew Operational Budget, which is $275,000 per year. We expect to raise more than $75,000 from these fundraisers after cost-of-sales. The team traditionally hosts two major fundraisers where athletes sell items and receive credit for their total sales. We are looking to expand our fundraisers and need ideas and help to do so!   Roles include:

  • Restaurant Nights
  • Wreath & Hanukah Sale
  • Christmas Tree Sale
  • Spring Plant Sale
  • Capital Campaign Manager
  • Volunteer now!

Booster Executive Committee

President: Kristen Booth
Secretary/Communications: Caroline White
Accounts Payable Treasurer: Anne Joyce
Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Andrew Narva
Safety & Equipment Officer: Tanuj Deora
Regatta Coordinator:  Christine Lisi
Fundraising Coordinator:  Lucy Marvin
Registrar: Allison Wright