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Jackson-Reed Crew Booster Executive Committee

The Jackson-Reed Crew Booster Executive Committee manages the operation of Jackson-Reed Crew.

Jackson-Reed Crew is not funded through DCPS or Jackson-Reed High School like most of the major sports teams at the school. Instead, Jackson-Reed Crew is a 501c3 nonprofit organization run by the Jackson-Reed High School Crew Boosters, which is responsible for raising all of the funds necessary to operate Jackson-Reed Cre .

The Committee is staffed with parent volunteers and holds meetings on the second Wednesday of each month during the school year. Crew parents are encouraged to attend the meetings and to get involved in the critically important operation of Jackson-Reed Crew through the Jackson-Reed Crew Booster Executive Committee and other volunteer positions.

Booster Executive Committee

President: Kristen Booth
Secretary/Communications: Caroline White
Accounts Payable Treasurer: Anne Joyce
Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Andrew Narva
Safety & Equipment Officer: Tanuj Deora
Regatta Coordinator:  Christine Lisi
Fundraising Coordinator:  Lucy Marvin
Registrar: Allison Wright


President: Janet Hodur
Secretary/Communications: Caroline White
Accounts Payable Treasurer: Maria Van Zant
Accounts Receivable Treasurer: Rita Guenther
Safety & Equipment Officer: Ted Wackler
Regatta Coordinator: Anne Brainard
Fundraising Coordinator:  Alexis Comrack
Registrar: Natan Epstein


Janet Hodur, President
Maria Van Zant, Co-Treasurer
Caroline Donovan White, Secretary/Communications
Karri Brady, Regatta Coordinator
Ted Wackler, Safety & Equipment Officer
Rita Guenther, Co-Treasurer
Natan Epstein, Registrar
Mary Strauss, Fundraising Coordinator


Alix Patterson, President
Dan Radack, Treasurer – Accounts Payable.
Luc Bijoux, Safety and Equipment Coordinator
Lisa Woods, Treasurer – Accounts Receivable
Diane Bock, Webmaster and interim Registrar


Kristen Booth


Tanuj Deora

Safety & Equipment Officer

Christine Lisi

Regatta Coordinator

Anne Joyce

Accounts Payable Treasurer

Allison Wright


Andrew Narva

Accounts Receivable Treasurer

Caroline White


Lucie Marvin

Fundraising Coordinator